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The Children's Music Network

An international organization with an outstanding journal, "Pass It On!" and inspiring national and regional conferences open to educators, families, and performers.



John Diamond MD

This is a quote from his website: The Diamond Path of Life is an integrated system of healing based on Dr. Diamond's fifty years of research and clinical observation in the areas of orthodox and complementary medicine (especially psychiatry and acupuncture), the humanities, holism, and the arts. The result is truly holistic and focuses on the totality of the sufferer, the triune of body, mind, and spirit, and how all three must be involved in every healing process. It gives the sufferer an understanding of the precise causes of his anguish. Through this knowledge, he can learn to overcome it by encouraging the working of the Healing Power of his own Spirit, his Life Energy.


Biology of Belief

Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist whose work has shown how our personal deep rooted beliefs can change our DNA and our health. His says that we all have stem cells in our bodies that are ready to work for us when the environment and our beliefs allow them to turn on. Bruce talks about how the plecebo and nocebo effects work and that they are the real reason we heal or do not heal.


Oak Grove School

Oak Grove School offers innovative early childhood, elementary, junior high school programs, a college-preparatory high school, and a family-style boarding program all nourished by the educational vision of its founder, philosopher and educator J. Krishnamurti. Small classes in a natural environment are guided by experienced teachers who encourage discovery and inquiry while supporting exceptional academic, creative and personal growth.

Brockwood Park School

 The philosopher and educator Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986), one of whose primary concerns was right education, founded Brockwood Park School in 1969. The intentions of the School, stated in Krishnamurti's many public talks and books, can be summarised as follows:

* To educate the whole human being

* To explore what freedom and responsibility are in relationship with others and in modern society

* To see the possibility of being free from self-centred action and inner conflict

* To discover one's own talent and what right livelihood means

* To encourage excellence in academic studies

* To learn the proper care, use and exercise of the body

* To appreciate the natural world, seeing our place in it and responsibility for it

* To find the clarity that may come from having a sense of order and valuing silence.



I personally have found hatha yoga and qigong to be a most important part of my life. It keeps my body healthy and in tune so I can life fully. It is difficult to recommend a type of yoga or qigong because there are so many varieties. So what works for me may not work for another. Yet explore and don't be limited to anyone's selections. Exercise comes in many flavours and I only mention two of them. It is so important to listen to your own body's wisdom. Your body knows what to eat, how much sleep you need and what kind of exercise you body craves. It may be happy with a long walk each day and not ask for more. Our bodies have an intelligence that if we listen to it, we will not be in conflict with it and will probably remain relatively healthy.


Here are two great sites to read and listen to updates on the night sky and other related topics on our environment and earth.

Earth and Sky

Sky and Telescope


Wakulla Beach, Florida looking west

One of my favorite places in the area. This shallow beach is in Apalachee Bay. We like to put our canoes on this beach and paddle north, up the oyster flats trying to find the clear cool waters of Shepard's Spring.


Education Quote from the works of J. Krishnamurti

Education lies in your hands.

Question: What is the place of discipline in education? Krishnamurti: I should say, none. Just a minute, I will explain it further. What is the purpose of discipline? What do you mean by discipline? You, being the teacher, when you discipline, what happens? You are forcing, compelling; there is compulsion, however nice, however kind, which means conformity, imitation, fear. But you will say, `How can a large school be run without discipline?'. It cannot. Therefore, large schools cease to be educational institutions. They are profitable institutions, for the boss or for the government, for the headmaster or the owner. Sir, if you love your child, do you discipline him? Do you compel him? Do you force him into a pattern of thought? You watch him, don't you? You try to understand him, you try to discover what are the motives, the urges, the drives, that are behind what he does; and by understanding him, you bring about the right environment, the right amount of sleep, the right food, the right amount of play. All that is implied, when you love a child; but we don't love children, because we have no love in our own hearts. We just breed children. And naturally, when you have many, you must discipline them, and discipline becomes an easy way out of the difficulty. After all, discipline means resistance. You create resistance against that which you are disciplining. Do you think resistance will bring about understanding, thought, affection? Discipline can only build walls about you. Discipline is always exclusive, whereas understanding is inclusive. Understanding comes when you investigate, when you enquire, when you search out, which requires care, consideration, thought, affection. In a large school, such things are not possible, but only in a small school. But small schools are not profitable to the private owner or to the government; and since you, who are responsible for the government, are not really interested in your children, what does it matter? If you loved your children, not just as toys, as playthings to amuse you for a little while and a nuisance afterwards, if you really loved them, would you allow all these things to go on? Wouldn't you want to know what they eat, where they sleep, what they do all day long; whether they are beaten, whether they are crushed, whether they are destroyed? But this would mean an enquiry, consideration for others, whether for your own child or your neighbour's; and you have no consideration, either for your children, or for your wife or husband. So, the matter lies in your hands, Sirs, not in the hands of any government or system.

The Collected Works, Vol IV Bombay 9th Public Talk 13th March, 1948